Straw Weisman
Producer, Director, Creative and
Delivery Consultant
818-998-1361 (o)
323-791-6159 (c)

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Straw began his career as a copywriter, working for the top boutique agencies, first in New York, then in Los Angeles, where he wrote copy for such trailers as The Return of the Jedi, Coming Home, and Cujo among others. Since he created Marquee Productions in 1988, Straw has created and produced over 1,000 trailers, TV spots and radio spots. Here are links to some of his most recent and memorable trailers:

Art of Submission     // 
Dearly Departed       // 
Firehouse 9              // 
The Lightkeepers      // 
A Novel Romance      // 
The Pixar Story        // 
Trunk                     //  
Screamers promo     //
Shadow Hours         // 
Man of the Year       // 
Kings of the Outdoors promo // 
The Gathering promo         // 
Cinema Paradiso International Trailer      // 

Men At Work           // 
Lawnmower Man II    // 
Killing Zoe               // 
Scorchers               // 

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